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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Canadian Joint Task Force 2, Afghanistan 2002

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Nicolas said...

hey great work you do, how about more onesixth brazilian police officers? since each state has its own uniform, and there are several special elite forces within each one of them, i would be awesome to see some ROTA, GATE, RONE, ROCCAM. IF you search for "policia militar xx força tatica" and replace the xx for the SP (Sao paulo), PR (parana), MG (minas gerais), abreviation of the states names, you will find different kind of colours of the brazilian military police, and each one of them has its own special round team (rota, in sao paulo, rone in parana, bope in rio, etc) and "força tatica" its a division of the military police that carries the heaviest armour and guns, since they are the best non-elite squad inside the military police. they are also responsable for lots of indiscriminate killings around brazil and members of extermination groups are part of força tatica, but thats another subject...
anyways, the uniforns i think are cool are the ones from ROTA, RONE and PM SP.